RD06HHF1 Transistor MOSFET

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rd06hhf1 цоколевка
The RD06HHF1, is a MOS FET type transistor specifically designed for HF RF power amplifiers applications.
High power and High Gain:
Pout>6W, Gp>16dB @Vdd=12.5V,f=30MHz
For output stage of high power amplifiers in HF band mobile radio sets.
RD06HHF1-101 is a RoHS compliant products. RoHS compliance is indicate by the letter “G” after the lot marking. This product include the lead in high melting temperaturetype solders. However,it is applicable to the following exceptions of RoHS Directions. 1.Lead in high melting temperature type solders(i.e.tin-lead solder alloys containing more than 85% lead.)